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TLC Closes Out Its 20th YEAR

The Learning Club (TLC) completed its 20th year of providing one-on-one tutoring to El Morro Elementary School students on Thurs- day, May 23. Twenty 2nd through 5th graders participated in the program this year. Thirteen AAUW-LB branch members, along with 22 members from the community, dedicated time each week to help these students with their class work. We encourage you to log onto the AAUW-LB website in a few weeks to see pictures of the program in action (http://www. aauw2-lagunabeach.org).

We would like to again thank our two wonderful supervising teachers – Debbie Finnerty and Nicole Stewart. Their presence in the classrooms to field questions that a student or tutor might have ensures that the program runs smoothly. We are grateful to them and to all

of our volunteer tutors for their support and dedication.

On a Thursday evening, weeks after we had made our final selection of 10 Tech Trek scholarship recipients, we received a call from the UCSD Tech Trek camp directors, telling us they suddenly had space for one more camper. The catch: the registration deadline was the following day! We jumped into action: calls were made, funds were confirmed, a willing camper was located (Genelle Phan from Thurston Middle School in Laguna Beach), forms were sent out, the parents filled out the mountains of required paperwork and got it all to the UCSD camp directors first thing Friday morning! This took a lot of teamwork and an arguably unhealthy attachment to our smart phones (checking emails during dinner, answering texts in the movie theater, etc.).

Sending 11 girls to Tech Trek breaks our branch record (10), and we are especially pleased to have the opportunity to send Genelle to UCSD because that camp is in the process of cutting back the numbers they will accept from outside San Diego County. They had initially limited us to 4 this year (with a warning this number will continue to dwindle), but now we are sending 5 there, as well as 6 to UCI.