L. Song Richardson


KUDOS TO: Susan Kent, for organizing tasks for the raffle and making the 3 Laguna Beach baskets, beautifully made by Jean Brotherton and Joan Stratton for  the event.  We thank Nancy Lawrence for attending the Interbranch Council (IBC) meeting and being our liaison. The presenter, L. Song Richardson,  Dean of UCI School of Law gave clear examples of unconscious biases in the workplace and ways to increase our awareness to prevent some of them.  It was an outstanding event.

For those of you who attended the IBC meeting and heard the informative and highly enlightening presentation by Dr. L. Song Richardson, Dean of the UCI Law School, here is the AAUW version of the Implicit Bias test.


Just go to the website and click “Take the Test”.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

The research was originally designed at Harvard to uncover bias toward race, gender and sexuality.
AAUW supported further development to uncover implicit bias regarding leaders in the workplace.
The results go hand in hand with my own research in the area of cognitive development and how the brain makes assumptions in order to fill in the gaps when we do not have enough information to make a logical decision. That’s why it is critical to check your assumptions. They may not always be based on verifiable facts. 
It is fascinating work.
Lee Winocur Field