Dates /times/place may be subject to change- please rsvp so we can inform        you about changes.  The area code is 949 unless otherwise noted.


April 11 (Wednesday) 6:15pm: BOARD MEETING at Susi Q Community Center, 380 3rd Street, Laguna Beach. RSVP: Peggie Thomas at pegthoma@cox.net.


April 12 (Thursday) 1:00pm: POETRY APPRECIATION meeting—“Let’s Take Time to Discuss… Poetry from the Poetry Writers’ Group and the UCI event: Poetry as a Healing Art” at the home of Jean Paris. RSVP: Jean: 830-2270 or jackanjean@aol.com.  QUESTIONS: Barbara: 215-5553 or anton21@cox.net.


April 17 (Tuesday) MOVIE GROUP. Contact Farie Momayez for details.  DrFarie@yahoo.com.


April 19 (Thursday) 5:00pm: WINE & WHINE at Oak 1100 S. Coast

Highway, Laguna Beach.  For information, contact Barbara Hamkalo (494-4185, bahamkal@uci.edu). RSVP not necessary.


April 22 (Sunday) Art, Poetry, & Music Salon in San Clemente.  See front page.


April 25 (Wednesday) 7:30pm: EVENING BOOKS will meet to discuss For All the Tea in China by Sarah Rose.  For information or to be put on a waiting list, contact Peggie Thomas (pegthomas@cox.net).


April 27 (Friday) 1:00pm: LITERARY LADIES will meet at the home of Jean Brotherton in Laguna Beach to discuss Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.  RSVP: Karen: twinkieteach@gmail.com.  Come join us!


                                              SAVE THE DATES:

May 17 (Thursday) 7:00-8:30pm: “Keeping Current With Women’s

 Health2018.”  Co-sponsored with the Woman’s Club of Laguna Beach, 286 St. Ann’s Dr., Laguna Beach.  No charge– Open to the public.


June 3 (Sunday) 3:00   End of Year Luau – Installation of Officers:  Note   CHANGE OF DATE

May 2018

May 2   (Wed.) Afternoon Books

May 9   (Wed.) Board meeting at 6:15pm at the Susi Q in Laguna Beach

May 13  (Sun.) Mother’s Day

May 14  (Mon.) IBC at 7:00 pm

May 15  (Tues.) Movie Group

May 17- Wine & Whine

May 17  (Thurs.) Women’s Health Issues, 2018 7:00 – 8:30pm at the Woman’s Club in Laguna Beach

May 21 (Mon.) Poetry Writing at 1:00pm

May 23 (Wed.) Evening Books

May 25 (Fri.) Literary Ladies Book Discussion at 1:00

May 28 (Mon.) Memorial Day

June 2018

June 6  (Wed.) Afternoon Books

June 13 (Wed.) Board Meeting

June 14 (Thurs.) Poetry Appreciation


June 27 (Wed.) Evening Books

June 21 Wine & Whine

June 29 (Fri.) Literary Ladies Book Discussion at 1:00