What’s in a Name?                                     

AAUW Funds, a 501-c-3 organization, is one of the largest sources of funding exclusively for graduate women providing more than $3.7 million in funding for more than 245 fellowships and grants to outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2013–14 academic year.  AAUW has a long and distinguished history of advancing educational and professional opportunities for women in the U.S. and around the globe. Due to the longstanding, generous contributions of AAUW members, a broader community of women continues to gain access to educational and economic opportunities — breaking through barriers so that all women have a fair chance through the following AAUW Fund programs:


  • International Fellowships are awarded for full-time graduate or postgraduate study or research to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Supplemental grants support community-based projects in the fellow’s home country.
  • American Fellowships support women doctoral candidates completing dissertations and scholars seeking funds for postdoctoral research leave or for preparing completed research for publication. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  One-year postdoctoral research leave fellowships, dissertation fellowships and summer/short-term research publication grants are offered.
  • Selected Professions Fellowships are awarded to women who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents who intend to pursue a full-time course of study (during the fellowship year) in designated degree programs where women’s participation traditionally has been low.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Fund supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues important to women and girls.

“In the 2018–19 award year, AAUW is providing 245 awards and $3.8 million in funding for fellows and grantees.”

  • Career Development Grants support women who hold bachelor’s degrees and are preparing to advance their careers, change careers, or reenter the work force.
  • Community Action Grants provide seed money to individual women, AAUW branch and state organizations, as well as local community-based nonprofit organizations for innovative programs or non-degree research projects that promote education and equity for women and girls.
  • Fellows Alumnae Initiative inspires women by providing access to AAUW past and current fellows and grantees network.

AAUW LEGAL ADVOCACY FUND – Legal Case Support, Travel Grants, and Campus Outreach.

PUBLIC POLICY FUND – Government Relations, Civic Engagement, and Field Organization.

LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS FUND supports programs that develop women’s potential to lead in their schools, communities, and country.
Qualified women are encouraged to apply for fellowships, grants, professorships, advanced studies, research and community projects. All members should support our fund-raising projects, e.g., the Literary Luncheon, or make contributions to assure maximum branch support, and encourage qualified women to apply for fellowships, grants, professorships, advanced studies, research and community projects.  For information on applications and deadlines, contact AAUW Fund www.aauw.org.

-By Jean Brotherton, AAUW Fund Co-chair