The American Association of University Women of Laguna Beach

(AAUW-LB), a 501(c)4 organization founded in 1967, is a dynamic growing organization with many exciting programs, interest groups and opportunities to get involved in the community. Our diverse membership includes residents of Laguna Beach and surrounding communities, spanning a wide range of ages and professions.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) empowers women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. Our nonpartisan, nonprofit organization has more than 170,000 members and supporters across the United States, as well as 1,000 local branches and more than 800 college and university members. Since AAUW’s founding in 1881, our members have examined and taken positions on the fundamental issues of the day — educational, social, economic, and political. AAUW’s fellowships and grants have helped scholars and activists overcome barriers to education and advancement for nearly 130 years. Learn more and join us at

32nd Literary Luncheon surpassed all previous luncheons with a full and enthusiastic crowd of delighted listeners. 
Please select this link to see a superb video made by Tom Brotherton of the event. Enjoy all over again. Click.

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Sejal Badani, Janet Fitch, Anita Hughes were the three featured, articulate speakers and AAUW Laguna Beach was again treated to a delightful experience.

Make Time for Action on Equal Pay Day
Tuesday, April 2, is a great day to take action on the gender pay gap. It’s the date that symbolizes how many days into the year women must work to earn what men made in the previous year.

If you have…

One minute:
Register for Work Smart Online to learn salary negotiation skills and help us meet the terms of our generous corporate grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation. Then take the course at your leisure.

Two minutes:
Become a two-minute activist to encourage Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on this soon.  

Five minutes:
Send an email to five women you know who could use a raise, or tag them on social media, to tell them about Work Smart Online. Taking this small step will help meet our big goal of training 100,000 women by August.

One hour or less:
Write a letter to the editor or op-ed about the gender pay gap for your local paper. Encourage community members and elected officials to take action.

One day or more:
Host an online salary negotiation night at your library or community center.Meet with your elected officials and discuss the pay gap in your state or city. Host an issue forum on pay equity and invite local experts.



A Victory for Pay Equity
A recent ruling by a federal district court in Washington, D.C., is promising sign of progress for equal pay. The court held that the U.S. government acted illegally when it stopped the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from collecting compensation information by gender, race and ethnicity from large companies. The government was ordered to move ahead with requiring private employers and federal contractors with more than 100 employees to provide pay data to the EEOC by May 2019.


Aileen Rizo’s Fight for Fairness Continues
We were disappointed that the Supreme Court recently sent the case of AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund plaintiff Aileen Rizo back to the Ninth Circuit on a technicality. In Rizo’s landmark case, the Ninth Circuit ruled that using prior salary alone wasn’t enough to justify a wage differential — a big leap forward for pay equity. However, because the Court ruled on a technicality without addressing the salary discrimination at issue, Rizo’s fight continues. AAUW has stood with Rizo since adopting her case in 2015.


A Q&A with Lilly Ledbetter, Fierce Champion of Equal Pay
A decade after the passage of the legislation that bears her name, renowned pay equity activist Lilly Ledbetter is still fighting — this time for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act. We asked her to share her story and her wisdom with us.


We Asked, You Answered: What Makes a Good Leader?
As part of a new weekly feature called #AAUWAsks, we asked our members and supporters on social media to share their perspectives about the characteristics of a good leader. Thanks to all who contributed. We think you came up with a pretty awesome job description! Stay tuned for a new question every week on Facebook and Instagram.


NCCWSL Helps Students Move from Classroom to Company
Finding your dream job or the perfect grad program can be daunting. The National College for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) Career and Graduate School Fair can help. It connects college women to recruiters from top schools and employers. Want to recruit the best and brightest to your own organization? Register to become an exhibitor. In 2018, we attracted women from over 300 colleges and universities in 48 states.


Meet Esther Ngumbi, Entomolgist and Activist
Sometimes we need scientists like 2007–08 International Fellow Esther Ngumbi to explain how everything connects. In a recent #AAUWAsks Twitter chat held on International Women’s Day (March 8), she shared how the tiniest insects can profoundly affect our food supply — and women’s lives.

Esther Ngumbi

Connecting with Global Equity Partners
AAUW was proud to have a presence at the 63rd UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), taking place March 11-22 at UN headquarters in New York. The CSW is the UN’s largest gathering on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Senior Vice President of Fellowships and Programs Gloria Blackwell developed an expert panel of AAUW fellowships alumnae that was moderated by CEO Kim Churches. Titled “Economic Security, Women and Work: Global Solutions for Equity,” it was a standing-room-only event.

Opening session at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

New Committee Structure
AAUW’s board recently approved changes to committees that align with best practices in nonprofit governance and AAUW’s strategic priorities. They include creating an Advancement Committee that merges fundraising and membership, and tasking the Governance Committee with making committee appointments. Committee applications open April 1.