New Member Gathering 2018

The 2018 AAUW CA convention opened Friday, April 27, in Irvine.  Barbara Hamkalo, Nancy Lawrence, and Karen Dennis attended the Leadership Brunch where issues of leadership transition were discussed.  In the afternoon Lisa Maatz from national 

AAUW reviewed the Public Policy issues affecting all branches and stated equity is a priority.
During the Friday night plenary session, Dr. Kim Salter, long time member of AAUW-LB accepted the AAUW CA  Certificate of Recognition for her outstanding mission-based program: “Our Heritage:  How Women Won the Vote.” 
On Sunday, Alice Apkarian, our chair of Tech Trek, will be reporting on this day devoted to Tech Trek.  With her on Sunday will be Janice Hayden and Nancy Miller.

The April AAUW-LB Branch event with AAUW San Clemente/Capistrano Bay Branch included the performance of David Adele, a classical guitarist and songs by Linda Hughes.  Several artists exhibited samples of their paintings around the room, and poets and writers read samples of their work.

To See Photos from the Literary Luncheon, click here.


The 31st “Festival of Women Authors” on March 10th was another successful fundraiser!  

KUDOS to the Literary Luncheon Team:  Co-chairs of the Literary Luncheon, Joan Stratton and Farie Momayez, planned all year for this memorable event.  Joyce Bartlett and Zahra Fathi were Silent Auction Co-chairs, and Jennifer Yelland led the Raffle. Membership Co-chairs, Leah Vasquez and Rachelle Cano, welcomed new members and enrolled several new ones. Barbara Antonacci oversaw the sale of the lovely notecards for the Foundation and was a greeter at the door, along with Marie Tippetts, Miriam Kranser, Nancy Miller, and others.  Because of the efforts of this outgoing and active team, our many projects (as listed in the Literary Luncheon program) will be funded.  

At the luncheon two members were recognized for their outstanding service to the branch.  Susan Kent, treasurer of the Foundation, leader of Public Policy, and liaison with Interbranch Council for the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) received her AAUW Fund star.  Alice Apkarian, who wasn’t present because of family reunion in Michigan, was the other awardee for her leadership of Tech Trek.  

The Literary Luncheon team appreciated the generous hearts and donations from the participants.  Some early comments
•  “What a great luncheon!! Loved the speakers!!!
•  “I really enjoyed seeing so many old friends and loved hearing the authors talk.”
•  “All the speakers were great this year!”

Many thanks to Tom Brotherton for filming the 2018 Literary Luncheon. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Video filmed by Tom Brotherton.


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